Argents & Women in Logistics

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Argents would like to recognize all of the amazing, powerful women who help make this company what it is. 

Man or woman, you have to be tough to work in this industry. You have to have a strong personality and a superior work ethic. You also have to be able to handle various shades of crazy. In this environment, you never know what the day is going to bring and you’ve got to be ready with out-of-the-box solutions and be able to pivot on a dime all to provide that great customer experience and expertise that Argents is known for. 

While we seek to empower all of our staff, we also recognize that women face additional challenges. Especially in an industry that is a worldwide network where we come into contact with belief systems where women’s voices aren’t heard.  

From everyday frustrations like clients assuming men in the email chain are the managers, to having to prove themselves every time they speak, to usually being the ones who are expected to balance home management and child-rearing duties along with a full time job, women in our industry have their work cut out for them. Yet, it seems that just gives them more fire to excel. We’re seeing more and more women-led companies in the international arena, along with more leaders here at home.

At Argents, we believe it’s about balancing strengths and shoring up weaknesses together. It’s about bringing each member of the team to the table where they can shine. We see that every day in all of our teams, but in customer service and operations, that excellence leans toward our women staff. They’re tenaciously fighting for the clients’ best interests, multitasking, and juggling so much without blinking. 

“Women take on a lot. We’re in a day and age now where we can do anything,” says Argents Co-Owner Dagny Chiappetta. “The strength of women never ceases to amaze me.”