Domestic News

Cargo Congestion. What Gives?

Cargo Congestion brings Continual Crunch Ocean cargo congestion & disruption reached critical levels in 2020 and then got worse. Where we once had a plethora of containers waiting for transportation off ships anchored in San Pedro Bay, we’re now looking at a dumpster fire of delays and fees. It would be a comedy of errors… Read more »

Intermodal going off the rail
Domestic News

Intermodal supply chain off the tracks?

Try transloading instead. Earlier this year, the Union Pacific Railroad elected to impose an embargo on ocean containers for a week from Southern California to Chicago to regain fluidity and clear out their overcrowded ramp. Chicago’s Intermodal rail congestion has been a much written-about topic throughout the year. That embargo only further backed up ocean… Read more »

de minimis rules

Low value woe-ohs: e-Commerce buyers and de minimis rules

It’s not our fault that the pandemic accelerated a shift to e-commerce by five years in less than a year and a half. But those buyers are increasingly having their orders fulfilled directly from foreign countries or from facilities set up just outside of America’s borders. The de minimis rules which raised the ceiling to… Read more »

eCommerce, Dream of, don't Dread Q4

4th Quarter Incoming: the Escalation of eCommerce

After a year of fitful recovery from the pandemic in most areas, one industry has seen astronomical growth and expansion – eCommerce. Global eCommerce statistics in 2021 show a meteoric rise that advanced the industry by a decade, speeding up the infiltration of online shopping faster than ever before. As we face a difficult peak… Read more »

International News

Clearing the Suez Canal

The Ever Given’s ill-fated six day stint blocking the Suez Canal came to an end on Monday. While the Canal Authority is confident that it is only a matter of days to clear the several hundred ships on either side, the knock-on effect to global supply chains one year into a pandemic is not. The… Read more »