China Unease
International News

Unease in China: Covid & Cargo Impacts

UPDATE: As of December 1st, 2022 the Chinese government has begun to ease some restrictions as a result of these protests. As China continues to grapple with the impacts of Covid-19 lockdowns, there have been a range of protests throughout the country. While this may be concerning on its own, it has also had a… Read more »

Rail Road Worries
Domestic News

Congress, Rail Strikes, & Cargo Chaos

It’s been a tumultuous several months for the nation’s railroads, with union workers threatening to stop work if their demands aren’t met. The mixed approval and disapproval of the settlement brokered by the Administration and narrow failures of ratification from several unions with large memberships have placed the issue in Congress and President Biden’s laps… Read more »

Keep it on time with Argents

Keep Your Goods Moving on Time

During the pandemic, big box retailers like Target and Walmart relaxed some of their usual policies in regards to time and the tardiness of vendors’ and suppliers’ shipments. It has long been common practice to censure late shipments with fines and loss of shelf space, but with the world, on fire as it was, they… Read more »


e-Commerce Trends Changing 3PL

Analysts say that e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $5.5 trillion worldwide by the end of 2022. This means that $.22 of every dollar spent is in e-commerce. Research analyst Nia Hudson with Transport Intelligence Ltd. (TI) says, “Customers continue to shop online more, and for a greater number of categories than ever before. As… Read more »

International News

GAA, Argents, & Adam

For the first time since 2019, the Global Affinity Alliance Annual Conference (GAA) took place from September 5-8 in Pattaya, Thailand. Representing Argents, Adam Sneed was one of almost a thousand attendees who came together for networking, meetings, a gala event, and an opening day team-building exercise that included dragon boat races by nine randomized… Read more »

Domestic News

Impasse at the Crossing: Railroad Strike

A strike on the railroad has become possible as the thirty-day cooling-off ends Friday, and there are still two unions holding out for quality-of-life benefits, including vacation time, sick time, and the attendance policy. Due to the possibility of a work stoppage, many Class 1 railroads are initiating embargoes and service alterations to slowly wind… Read more »

Domestic News

Charleston: Status of the Port

East Coast ports are seeing record numbers of container volume, mostly from shippers looking to avoid the congestion snarls on the West Coast. However, at some East Coast ports we’re seeing the same issues as these ports don’t have the infrastructure to handle the increased activity.  Others, like the Port of Charleston, have been watching… Read more »

Kurt Schenkemeyer: Ascending Excellence

In the interest of fairness, Kurt Schenkemeyer should have known what to expect at Argents. His father worked in management at Lufthansa for thirty-one years and Kurt himself was a twenty-three year veteran of the industry – ten years of which he spent in friendly competition with Dagny Chiappetta as they navigated clients, conferences, and… Read more »


Your CBP Symposium Summary

In July, Anaheim, California was the site of the Trade Facilitation and Cargo Security Summit held by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Previously, this had been two separate occasions: the CBP Trade Symposium and the CTPAT Conference. They’ve evolved into a combined three day whirlwind affair focusing on the newest policies and thinking coming… Read more »

Peak Season Preview

Before the pandemic, the logistics industry had a finite definition of peak season – late July through early December was the busiest period for shipping worldwide. In the post-pandemic logistical landscape, peak season became a theoretical concept to define an ephemeral spike in supply chain activity during two years of abject chaos.  In fact, the… Read more »